Why you should work with us?

The founders of this company started as teachers in South Korea in 2010. And like many of our applicants, we too had a time when needed to getaway from our normal life and went through the process of getting an ESL job ourselves. Because of this, we understand your needs and desire for fun and simplicity while making the move to teach abroad. We love what we do and we pride ourselves in making sure each step is as simple as possible. Our recruiters have experienced it all and we want you to have a great experience as well! If you are interested in Teaching English in China, we have a variety of jobs, from public school teaching jobs to private schools for all ages – adults, kids & teens.

What our teachers say?

“Pack your bags and come on over to China. Before I came to China, I had a boring customer service job working 9-6 and barely made ends meet. Now I have a much more fun job with a relaxing schedule and much longer paid vacation. I usually get to work by 8:30 AM, enjoy free breakfast at the school canteen, followed by a few morning classes. Then it’s a 2 hour lunch break with free lunch as well. My only daily expense is my 15RMB dinner. Not to mention, I get to meet lots of great like minded friends and after lots of fun, I still have money to send home. You won’t regret it!” David H- Shenzhen Public School