Living in China

Living in China

Cost of Living

You will find your salary going much longer here in China than you would in your home country.

*Definition of poor: Having too much days at the end of your paycheck

You won’t really experience this here. For a basic teaching job in China, no matter what your salary depending on the city you are in, you will have between 5000-6000RMB of DISPOSABLE INCOME after paying rent, basic food, utility, and transportation fees.

Will I be able to adapt?

Absolutely! Of course the western standard amenities availability will vary from city to city, but if you choose a Tier 1 or a major Tier 2 city, you will find a rather modern lifestyle with access to your favourite foods.

How easy is it to get a mobile service?

Before leaving your country, if your phone isn’t the international unlocked version, make sure you get your phone unlocked. Once you bring an unlocked phone, you can easily purchase a SIM card in China and get decent service for 100RMB per month. WIFI is common so unless you are browsing on the go, your usage won’t be much.

What about calling home?

Very easy! One- convince your friends and family back home to download an APP called We Chat. Great quality voice and video calling features. Two- purchase credits via Skype and get good quality Skype Calls to landline and mobile lines globally.